Registering Your Business for 10DLC (Required)


As announced by The Campaign Registry (TCR) in September 2022, all businesses must register on 10DLC Standard in order to be compliant with carrier and government regulations. 

If your business isn’t registered, your messages may be at risk of being filtered or blocked. While you can still send messages (for the time being), Zidy is unable to assist with filtered messages until your registration is complete. Additionally, we will limit Bulk Messages and related features until your business has been registered.

Click the links below to get started:

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Registering for 10DLC

We're here to help make registration quick and easy! To get your business registered on 10DLC, follow these steps:

  1. In a new tab, navigate to . If you aren’t already logged in, please sign into your account.

    • Note: Only account owners, location admins, team leaders, managers, and supervisors are able to complete this registration.

  2. Once you’re signed in, review the brief description about why registration is important. Click Start registration to begin.  

  3. Next, enter your business's Employer Identification Number ( EIN).

    • For multiple EINs, start by entering one. You'll be able to add the rest later.

    • If you don’t know or can’t find your EIN, search for the legal business name or business address.

    • If the database doesn’t contain your business details, click Enter information manually and complete the necessary fields

  4. Unless the database gathered all your business information, you’ll be asked for additional legal information. When you’re ready, click Continue.

    • Note: Please make sure the business name, address, and EIN match exactly what is listed on your EIN letter from the IRS. If your information doesn’t match what appears on official government documentation, your registration will fail, and you will have to start again.

  5. Fill out the remaining business details, including:

    • Type of Business (Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Co-operative, LLC, or Non-Profit)

    • Business Classification (Private, Public, Government or Non-Profit)

    • Business Website

    • Business Industry

    • Locations Associated with the EIN

      • Note: If your Zidy organization only has one location, the location field will not appear.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Review your information for accuracy, then click Confirm.

  8. If your business locations are registered, you’ll receive a “Thank You” message.


Who set the 10DLC requirement?

  • Carriers (e.g. A&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) have implemented this requirement. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in message filtering, phone number blocking by carriers, or unnecessary surcharge charges. All businesses are impacted, independent of if they are a Zidy customer or a customer of a different texting platform. 

Why do I need to register my business for 10DLC?

  • Carriers are imposing requirements for businesses to register to text end users. Some carriers are more strict than others and are based on a trust score and output; the business can only send to “x” number of end users on a specific carrier. As we enter a world of marketing text messages, registering is even more necessary.

Why is 10DLC registration beneficial to a business?

  • By registering your business, you'll benefit from increased trust across the existing messaging ecosystem. 10DLC provides transparency about who is sending messages and what types of messages are sent. With registration, businesses have the ability to send their messages at a faster rate. Registration also eliminates “bad actors”, making it much harder for spam/abuse texting to occur. 

What happens if my business does not follow 10DLC registration?

  • Businesses that are not registered will likely see some or all of their text messages filtered or throttled by cellular phone carriers, meaning they will not be delivered to their intended recipients because they are not coming from a “verified” business.
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