Ultimate AI powered Reviews, SMS messaging + Payments for your local business

Integrate Zidy AI to grow your local business and assure customers choose you every time.

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The all-in-one dashboard for your team

  • Zidy dash has your message history, call logs, recordings, and voicemails in one view.
  • Easy to send and receive payments, just a click away.
  • No more jumping between different apps to close a deal.

Start making the most of every lead

  • Fully customizable chat greeting screens is a game changer.
  • Convert 300%+ more leads into real revenue.
  • Run promotional campaigns to your past clients.

Never Miss a Lead

Respond to your customers in seconds. Close deals on the go, use Zidy mobile and never miss a lead again.

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Engaging your leads instantly has never been this easy.

“Never again will you lose a sale. Zidy funnels all incoming leads into a powerful dashboard that allows all of your team to view the customer flow in real time, keeping your team on track.”
Rick Darit
Head of Marketing Bartell Brew
“Today more than ever a steady flow of online reviews is a must for any business looking to stay relevant”
Domaine Roy
Head of Marketing Winery and tasting room
“We have been using Zidy for 2 months now and we have doubled our Google reviews. It's a very simple product to use and we use it on a daily basis to communicate with our clients and track our incoming new reviews that we can organize inside of Zidy. Zidy definitely saves us a lot of time and keeps our whole team organized.”
Owner Extreme Detailing

Grow your reviews
at lightning speed

Zidy uses text to collect reviews from your happy customers across multiple platforms. Constant review flow will make your business stand out to your customers online. Make reviews easy with automation.

Turn conversations
into customers

  • Create seamless experiences that boost brand loyalty and set you apart from the competition.
  • Talk to your customers at exactly the right time.
  • Instant communication, happier customers, more deals.
Personalize Your Contacts
Customize each individual contact.
Add Tags
Add multiple tags to help each one of the stand out to you.
Custom Notes
Add logs of notes on specific clients to stay updated.
Keep the conversation with a specific customer going.

Track Your Performance

Teams use Zidy analytics to easily set goals and track growth progress more efficiently.
Review Invites Sent
Month to Date
Month to Date
Month to Date

The all-in-one system for your small Business

Works on all devices

Zidy is accessible across multiple device types. Whether you are using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer we have you covered.

Designed to keep you selling. Zidy is accessible across multiple
device types. Whether you are using a mobile device, tablet,
or desktop computer we have you covered.

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Speed and Ease of use is why Zidy powers thousands of companies to make customer experience seamless.

9 out of 10 business owners say Zidy has transformed the way they communicate and manage clients and Zidy was Voted “The easiest business platform to get started on".

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