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Grow your book of business and expand your referral network as you assist your clients in enhancing their Google presence and ratings. Earn a commission split for every new paying customer you refer to us!

Zidy offers a comprehensive new client onboarding process and provides support via Zoom, handling the heavy lifting to ensure customer success and smooth implementation.

Zidy partners

Affiliate Partner

Ideal for individuals who have an unstoppable passion for discussing sales within their network and communities and are keen to earn some extra income while doing so. This opportunity is perfect for content creators, influencers, community organizers, and anyone who wants to build a revenue stream via referrals.

Zidy affiliate social sharing
Zidy affiliate social sharing


Tailored for agencies expanding their consulting and product lines. Increase your ARPU and reduce churn with Zidy add-on.

Agencies specializing in areas such as full service, ad creative, social media and marketing, SEO, and web design, among others, can enhance their earnings by earning commissions for each new customer they introduce to Zidy. Integrating Zidy with your current product or service offerings is a surefire way to delight your clients, turning them into long-term customers and ultimately increasing the average revenue per user.

Online Marketplaces

Tailored for online communities and marketplaces catering to business-oriented audiences, Zidy empowers new businesses to effortlessly establish their online presence and rev up their revenue engines. If you oversee or moderate an online community with a focus on business growth, we encourage you to apply below!

Zidy affiliate social sharing
Zidy affiliate social sharing

Integrations Partner

Are you interested in building on top of our API? Zidy seamlessly integrates with over 60 partner apps, and we're eager to learn more about your product offering and how a Zidy integration can benefit your clients.

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