Owning a business is hard.

Really hard. That’s where we come in.

Zidy was built on a belief that software will save the overworked business owner. We know firsthand how daunting it is to gather and organize online reviews, not to mention keep in constant contact with customers. Businesses need to be organized and efficient in order to succeed. So Zidy gives you a better way to manage customer leads, analyze feedback, and drive business progress.

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Core values

Product First

Always be improving. Every aspect of every detail, if we can make it better we do. Our team is passionate about building high impact high value products. We have learned that we thrive by pushing ourselves to execute on the cutting edge of what’s technically possible.

Customer focused

Ordinary efforts yield ordinary results and there is no product without customers. We set to design, build and deliver the absolute best experience our team is capable of because our customers expect excellence from us. Cutting corners is not in our dictionary of office slogans and every feature is designed with ease of use in mind. We have learned from day 1 that we win when our customers win.


Simply put we believe that the magical mix of team members consists of people from all corners of the world, and with a varied mix of backgrounds. We like different, we like unique, we celebrate and prioritize people who can bring something new to the table and show us a different way of approaching technical puzzles. Our culture is a melting pot of ideas, nothing is out of reach and no idea is too big.

So how did we get here? When Zidy was first released as a beta trial to a select group of preregistered clients, it was an instant hit—and we’ve been scaling rapidly ever since. What started as an invite-only communication and client management tool has quickly grown into a full-on team collaborative growth platform that scales with businesses ranging in size from 1 to 500 employees.

User Control and Freedom

Zidy works with all business types as it was designed from the ground up to be a next-generation, fully flexible and customizable platform. And, according to the thousands of businesses who currently use Zidy, it’s working. In fact, we have an incredible 96% satisfaction rate. Not only that, but 9 out of 10 customers tell us that Zidy has actually transformed the way they communicate with and manage clients.

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The Easiest Business Platform To Get Started On

Zidy was recently voted the “easiest business platform to get started on” by users. And with over 50 new feature sets in the pipeline to be released in 2022, many of which will define a new category, we’re ready to transform the business software industry moving forward. It’s been one heck of a ride, and we’d love to invite you along. Let’s do this.

Speed and Ease of use

Zidy powers thousands of companies to make customer experience seamless

Product Impact

9 out of 10 business owners say Zidy has transformed the way they communicate and manage clients

Customer Trust

Voted “The easiest business platform to get started on”


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